“Honoring past friendships by strengthening future relationships”

The Flying Tiger Historical Organization, Inc, was founded for the purpose of fund raising.  All donations are tax deductible.  Along with raising funds, we will be seeking memorabilia related to the Flying Tigers (both AVG and 14th AAF) which will be displayed in the Flying Tiger Heritage Park Museum. For a more in-depth history on the Flying Tigers, please visit the Wiki site here.
The Flying Tiger Heritage Park will honor and remember all US personnel who served in China during the Second World War.  The Chinese have never forgotten what these brave men and women did for them during the dark days of World War Two.  The Chinese do not distinguish between flying forces but rather consider all airmen who served in China to be Flying Tigers – Fighter Pilots, Bomber Pilots, Transport Pilots and ground crews.  Elsewhere on this site you will find moving stories relating to the cooperation given by the Chinese to the Flying Tigers. 
Rescues were made at great risk to and sometimes death for the Chinese. 
When reading the histories of the war in the China theater, it can clearly be said that “Never have so few done so much for so many with so little.
With courage, Honor, and Valor impossible odds were overcome.