WWII Flying Tigers welcomed in China as returning Heroes

Three board members of the Flying Tiger Historical Organization accompanied three WW II Flying Tigers to Beijing for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the ending of the Japanese war of aggression. The Chinese flew these three veterans, (Paul Crawford, David Thompson and Bob Lee) over and back, first class, paid for all their expenses...
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Hump Flight Reenactment

Buzz Buggy Buzz Buggy has just undergone a complete rebuild and flew for the first time on the 24 of November. Once test flights are successfully conducted we will depart for China. Weather is good through January and February so we have about a 3-month window to complete the flight in. Due to the time delay...
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The Flying Tiger Historical Organization (FTHO) has been asked to contact anyone who served in China in WW II in the AVG, 14 AAF or CBI or other related service, to extend an invitation to attend ceremonies in Beijing, China the first week of September 2015, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the ending of the...
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