Florence Fang opens WW II Pacific War Memorial Hall museum in San Francisco on August 15, 2015

The World War II Pacific Memorial Hall, honoring Chinese veterans, has opened in San Francisco.

People young and old, including veterans of the war, attended the opening ceremony. Inside the hall artifacts and photos highlight the war’s horrors and the heroism of Chinese and American soldiers. The memorial’s curators hope it will help educate Americans on China’s role during the war.

Florence Fang’s museum is dedicated to recording for history the “Asian Holocaust” in which an estimated 20 to 60 million people were slaughtered by the Japanese. It is the first museum to do so in the US. Just as the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, which records the European and Jewish holocaust in which 12 million people died, Florence Fang’s museum is meant to keep this history alive and truthful so that we all are reminded of what happened that it should never happen again. (Many attempts have been made to minimize, change or cover up this period of history and what occurred in Asia during the Japanese War of Aggression.)

The museum is in need of artifacts from the Flying Tiger period. The FTHO has occasionally had offers of artifacts with the request that they be donated to a museum in the US. If you have an artifact that you would like to donate but want it to remain in the US please contact the FTHO and we will see to it that it gets to the World War II Pacific Memorial Hall.

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